Founded in 1975, by Ken Schaal,Common Wealth Solar Services has provided conservation and renewable energy services to residential and commercial clients.
Solar Photo Voltaic panels create electricity
Tank assembled on site in tight spaces
Multi-hundred gallon storage tanks can be assembled on-site in spaces that have doors smaller than the tank. These tanks enable greater efficiency than most tanks and heat exchangers.
As a full service renewable and efficiencies energy contractor Commonwealth Solar performs:
  • Professional Energy Audits  (link)
    • Conservation design and installation
    • Airsealing with:
    • Blown cellulose Insulation for attics, basements/crawl spaces, walls, (link)
    • Installation of appropriate weatherstripping
    • Construction and installation of custom storm windows
    • Movable shading and insulation systems
    • Installation of custom airsealing Cellular Shades (link)
    • Installation of custom Shade Cloth (link)
  • As well as ...
    • Solar Energy Security and Back up power systems
      (that keep working after the grid power has blacked out!)
    • Solar Energy efficient greenhouses and sun rooms
    • Active and Passive solar systems
    • Super-insulated building systems.

Freedom is "Waste Not, Want Not",
where conservation efficiency
meets alternative energy sources.

   Commercial panels on a flat roof
Elegantly Simple, Simply Elegant, Habitat for the Twenty-First Century

Solar panels can look good