Solar Pool Heaters

Enjoy A Warm Pool.
Whether you use your pool for recreation, relaxation, or for your health a warm pool adds to your comfort. You can now enjoy a heated pool and swim longer by harvesting Nature's bountiful solar energy. An efficient Hi-Temp solar heater warms your pool, adding pleasure for family and friends. It also adds months to your swimming season wherever you live. This means more relaxation, more exercise and MORE FUN!

Protect the Environment by using Free Energy from the Sun
You can enjoy the comfort of your solar heated pool, knowing that you are using an environmentally-friendly energy source while you conserve our natural resources. A Solar pool heating system lets you harness the world's most abundant energy source: the sun. Unlike other fuels there's no charge for the sun's energy. Of all pool heating choices solar is the best ? the most efficient, most trouble-free and most economical.

The Fuel Is FREE!
With the price of gas and propane going up a pool heater can be expensive to operate but the sun's energy is free! Only with a solar heater can you enjoy a comfortable pool seven days a week with complete freedom from fuel costs. As a bonus, you may find that in as little as 2 or 3 years the system has paid for itself with those fuel savings. You can't get that from any other pool heater.

Mounting Concerns
Solar pool panels don't require a lot of slope so if you have a low sloping patio roof or other the panels may be able to be placed on this and end up nearly unnoticeable. If you don't have adequate roof space a ground rack like the one to the right can be built to support the panels.