Window Quilt ®

Stops up to 80% of the Heat Loss in the Winter and 86% of the Heat Gain in the Summer.
The only window treatment that insulates as well as seals the window on all four sides against drafts, providing an additive R-value of 4.99!
Why Window Quilt works so well…
Air and moisture-tight fabric composition along a four-sided sealing system create a unique product that dramatically increases the insulating value of your windows or doors. Ultrasonic welding, bonds the five layers of insulating material without perforating the internal solar barrier-an important key to the shade's effectiveness.
Window Quilt construction
Double glazed window with Window Quilt If you look at the infrared photograph to the left, it is easy to see where heat loss occurs in a home. Light areas of the photograph indicate areas of major heat loss. These areas are particularly noticeable around the double glazed windows and doors on the right. Dark blue and green areas indicate little heat loss, and include a double glazed window with window Quilt on the left side of this home.
Decorate While You Insulate
Window Quilts add comfort and style to your house with custom valances by CWS or Top Treatments in styles such as country, colonial and traditional from Window Quilt. Many Window Quilt products can be covered with the fabric of your choice. Some covers are permanent while others can be removed for cleaning or replacement with new fabric when you redecorate.
Contemporary wooden valences designed and installed by CommonWealth Solar
Answers to most often asked questions!
Q. Why should I invest in Window Quilt when there are other less expensive window treatments available?
A. Window Quilt is not like any other window treatment on the market. It is movable window insulation; attractive, durable and effective. The extra cost of window Quilt more than pays for itself in yearly savings - and comfort.

Q. How does Window Quilt compare with insulating glass?
A. Window Quilt is a decorative home furnishing that does not require reconstruction or modification of your home. It is much less expensive and easier to install, while providing a much higher R-value and full solar control. Window Quilt also provides a choice of full view or complete privacy. When fully raised, it does not reduce light transmission and solar gain. When fully lowered, its insulating abilities work dramatically to reflect summer sun and seal out drafts. It allows for easy ventilation with existing windows.

Q. What does the four way seal do?
A. Our cord-in-track seal dramatically cuts airflow around the shade's edges while pressure seals close off the top and bottom. Conventional shades and draperies cannot provide such a seal, vitally important in blocking infiltration of warm or cold air. Unsealed window treatments can actually contribute to window heat loss by channeling and smoothing the flow of room air against the window glass.

Q. How soon will Window Quilt pay for itself?
A. As a rough rule of thumb, one square foot of Window Quilt mounted on an average 2-pane window, with an average heating or cooling system can save per year about 1 gallon or 1 cubic ft. of gas, or 15 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Q. Is Window Quilt washable?
A. Yes. We recommend occasional vacuuming, which will keep your Window Quilt looking like new. If necessary, Window Quilt may be hand-washed or professionally cleaned in-place.