Hot Water Solar Systems

A cost effective and low maintenance way to save fuel when compared to heating water by any other method.  These systems have a 5 to 10 year payback when used to replace electric or gas water heating.  They can be installed by the home owner using a kit or installed with a twenty year warranty against leaks when installed by Common Wealth Solar Services.
Solar hot water panels are roof mounted and the water drains back to the tank when the pump is not circulating.  This prevents freezing and overheating.  The panels can be used alone or in series depending on hot water usage.

The tanks are filled with water heated by the panels and use either stainless steel tanks or copper tubing to transfer the heat to the potable water.

The tanks can be installed outdoors in an insulated Semisheres® box when there isn't room in the house.

A finished Common Wealth Solar Services hot water system is the perfect alternative to spending money on fuel. Why give the money to a power company when you can use it to purchase an asset that can add to the value of your home

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